Wedgwood Style

If you are looking to start your own china collection or expand one that you already have, what better place to look than a brand that has a well established name and a long history of quality and success? Wedgwood is the company you should look to.

Many people enjoy china pieces with border-based designs. Wedgwood Chester is one such pattern, featuring a gorgeous green band topped with gold scrolls. This pattern is one that looks beautiful on its own but that also won’t detract from the delicious appearance of any food you place on it. If you like the idea of this set but you don’t want a completely white background, you could always take a look at a similar pattern with a verge to add a visual break such as Wedgwood Colorado. Similar to Chester, Colorado is a border-based design with gold details, though this one features a deep red band with blue flowers.

While many people enjoy adding those small, colorful details to their tables, others are hoping to get a china set that can work with almost anything. Colors are great, but they can be hard to match with as many table settings when compared to other pieces with a more neutral pallet. If you want a set that gives off a bold and sophisticated appearance that can also match a huge range of crystal, flatware, and other table setting items, then Wedgwood Ascot could be just right for you. With its brilliant gold band, Ascot can add beauty to your table no matter what the occasion.

Of course Wedgwood has other pieces besides those specifically with border designs. Sure, border designs can be versatile, but other pieces can be as well. For example, take a look at Wedgwood Quince. Popular due to its colorful and fruity design, this more natural and traditional pattern can be used in a huge range of situations. Not only that, but Quince is also easy to use as your food can be heated and served directly on the pieces.

Wedgwood Ascot Dinner Plate

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