Waterford Crystal

Waterford is a company based in Ireland that has been well known for its quality and history, having been around since the late 1700s. Though their china selection is quite vast, what makes this company shine is its beautiful crystal. Whether you are looking for an old fashioned look or something more modern, where are definitely some patterns that will suit your fancy.

One such traditional set is Waterford Kylemore, showing off cut glass and a tapering stem. It had a great run being in production from 1966 to about 2010. There are square cuts that are met with vertical blaze cuts. This bold look is similar to what can be found in Powerscourt, which is perhaps one of Waterford’s most successful patterns. Powerscourt came out only a few years later in 1969, however, despite its popularity and continued success, it is now discontinued. Powerscourt features cuts in a criss cross pattern and, compared to other crystal, is heavy for its size. This asset allows the set to be very sturdy and strong, helping it to continue to stand the test of time.

Another popular pattern is Kildare which, perhaps like a combination of the previous two patterns, features both diamond and vertical wedge cuts. Unlike the others, though, this set features a plain foot base. Not only do these pieces measure up with the high standard of Waterford quality, but they are also a perfect example of the Waterford style.

Waterford Powerscourt

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