Exploring Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton is an English company that is almost 200 years old at the time of this post. Naturally, after being along for such a long time, the company has not only made a huge variety of patterns, but they have also met a lot of continued success. Over time, they’ve found their own style and traits, though there are also some pieces that break this mold.

Royal Doulton English Renaissance is a great pattern to look at to examine this style. On a white background is a very thick border, full of intricate green and gold scrolls. Though many of the pieces feature this thick border, it is not something that distracts from the pattern’s beauty. Actually, the bold gold and complex scrolls are typical of Royal Doulton pieces, combining for a bold look that doesn’t go overboard.

If you want a piece that still fits in with this same stylistic direction, but perhaps are hoping for something less strong, then Royal Doulton Gold Lace is worth your consideration. As the name suggests, this pattern is laced with beautifully elegant gold designs and trim. Around the edge is a geometric series of diamond shapes and floral shapes, combining together to make a golden garden of lace castles. Because of these details, Gold Lace is the perfect addition to almost any collection and can add grace and a bit of royal whimsy to any table.

As stated earlier, there are some patterns that don’t fit these stylistic trends at all, and go so far from what is typical that you would usually not be able to guess they were made by Royal Doulton. One such pattern is their Kingswood pattern. Unlike the previous two mentioned, Kingswood does not have a bold, chic appearance, and definitely does not host the same amount of gold details. Instead, this pattern has more of a country traditional look, featuring a friendly arrangement of colorful florals. While many of Royal Doulton’s pieces surely exude the look of Royalty with their strong looks, Kingswood does not have this same effect necessarily. Regardless, it is all up to one’s personal taste, and the pattern is beautiful for a wide variety of occasions, whether you are hosting a family dinner or just getting together with some friends for afternoon tea.

Royal Doulton Kingswood Dinner Plate

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