Mixing and Matching

When it comes to collecting fine tableware, there are two different approaches you can try taking. The first is to find versatile pieces that you enjoy and that can work well with many other sets. For example, flatware and china that both feature a platinum rim. While these pieces are likely not going to be from the same pattern or even brand, they can still look great on your table because of the shared detail. The other approach then, of course, is to stick to the brands and patterns that come in a sort of matching set. For example, some brands produce china and crystal sets both with the same pattern name, making the perfect match for your table.

Take a look at Lenox Snowdrift Gold. There is a gorgeous gold trim and verge, and, while the pattern may appear to be plain white, after looking more closely you can see a flowing white on white embossed design. The design is simple yet it has enough subtle detail to set it apart from many other options. To match Snowdrift Gold, try finding some other pieces that share some of the details, such as the gold rimmed Lenox Encore. Like the china, this crystal set shares a simple yet elegant design. The beauty here is not in a bunch of intricate details, facets, and cuts, but rather in the smooth, almost pure look. Snowdrift Gold and Lenox Encore match very well, but both are versatile enough to work well with many other patterns, too.

Another similar set of crystal is Mikasa’s Golden Tiara. Like Encore, Golden Tiara is quite simple, the most noticeable detail being the gold rims, though there are also many chic vertical cuts that add a lot more depth to the look. As such, it can be a good idea to match this crystal with some china that also has a stronger look, such as another Mikasa pattern, Imperial Lapis. Once again, these two sets both share a gold detail, but Imperial Lapis helps to balance out the striking Golden Tiara.

Lenox Snowdrift Gold Salad Plate

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