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There are many different manufacturers to choose from if you are looking for some fine china, and with so many choices, you are bound to find a wide variety of different styles. Even so, some companies have certain distinct features that make their style more notable. It is hard to always come up with the words to describe these, but perhaps after looking at a company’s different pieces, you will come to find familiar elements on your own.

The Lenox company is a great place to start. They have been in business since 1889 and have been met with continued success. Lenox is run from the United States and is one of the few bone china manufacturers there. It is the perfect brand to check out if you are looking for some sturdy, American-made china.

Take a look at some of their different patterns.

Lenox Charleston paves the way with a gorgeous floral motif. The overall color palette is cool with roses, lavenders, and grays, all held in by a platinum trim. It was manufactured until 2008 and was in production for 26 years. This Southern style pattern embodies sophistication and charm that has lasted over the years. It has a creamy white background, a feature very common in Lenox pieces. Charleston would make a good choice for high tea or other formal occasions, but it is safe to put in the dishwasher, too, making it ready for frequent or even daily use.

Like the Charleston pattern, a lot of other Lenox pieces are suited for formal settings, too, such as the Lenox Liberty. This pattern was made as part of the Presidential collection, meaning that these pieces were used in the United States White House. What better way to set the presidential table than with china that was made in America? Once again, Liberty features that classic Lenox cream-colored background and stays true to its name with the patriotic blue in the design. At first glance, it may appear to be floral like in the Charleston pattern, but it is actually a curved, swirling blue scroll on both the outer band and verge. The gold trim adds the extra finishing touch to balance out the pattern.

While a lot of the Lenox pieces are more traditional in appearance, there are, of course, some patterns that are a bit bolder. For example, take the Lenox Vintage Jewel. This is definitely much more different than the last two, straying from a more traditional look and the faded appearance of a cream background. Instead, Vintage Jewel shows off a stark white, contrasting with the gold and black border and platinum trim. While the border may appear to just have a small curving design at first, a more jeweled look is seen up close. This jeweled design is more prevalent on pieces with a larger border, such as the salad plate. This is one of Lenox’s newer designs, first being made in 1998 and still in production today.

Lenox Vintage Jewel Salad Plate

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