Nature’s Inspiration

No matter what form of art you like to use to explore and express your creativity, nature always seems to act as a wonderful source of inspiration. After all, there is so much beauty in the outdoors whether you are looking at small ripples in the water, towering mountains, or a lovely sunset. Fine china can also take inspiration from nature, and in this post a few examples that involve plants will be examined.

First is the Wedgwood Strawberry & Vine. This is an active pattern that Wedgwood has manufactured since 1988. The pattern is entirely white, displaying what first appears to be pure simplicity, yet upon closer inspection, a raised and embossed design is shown. The design includes winding leaves and berries on a vine that add a lot of texture and visual interest without going overboard. Fitting in with the subtle tone is a smooth, scalloped edge. Because of the clean white color, Strawberry & Vine is a good option if you want to draw focus to the food that you are serving.

A similar pattern is called Fruits of Life, made by Lenox. Like the Strawberry & Vine, Fruits of Life features a raised plant pattern with leaves and fruits. Instead of a strong white background, though, this pattern has a beautiful, soft cream color as well as a gold verge and trim. This pattern was manufactured for 12 years, and though it is a little different than the other designs by Lenox, it is still very nice looking and has been met with success. This is a good set to go for if you like classic beauty and sophistication.

When it comes to pieces that draw inspiration from nature, you probably imagine something a little bit more colorful. This is where the Herend Chinese Bouquet in Green comes in. These pieces feature a gorgeous basket weave pattern around their borders, and the slightly scalloped edges are met with a gold trim. A winding green and gold vine and leaf pattern is found on the inner band and in the center is a hand-painted set of leaves. Like all of Herend’s pieces, the Chinese Bouquet in green displays some of the company’s finest points of beauty and would make a perfect addition to any collection.

Herend Chinese Bouquet Green Dinner Plate

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