Mapping Wedgwood China

Of course there are many different china companies to choose from if you are looking to expand or even start your own collection, but one company that stands out is Wedgwood. This company has been around since 1759 and has been met with continued success over the years. Though Wedgwood is based in the United Kingdom, their pattern names share names with different locations around the world. Here are a few such patterns that are worth taking a look at.

To start with a very basic option, take a look at the Wedgwood California pattern. Wedgwood manufactured this pattern for over 40 years with a lot of success. This is probably because of the traditional look of the design that shows off beauty in simplicity. The creamy white background on these pieces is adorned with gold detailing around the rim, making for a very classic and timeless look. Because of the design, the California pieces work very well with a variety of crystal and flatware no matter what the setting or occasion.

Another option is Wedgwood Persia. This pattern was made for 8 years. It has a gold trim like the California pattern but has a bit more going on. The beautiful reds and yellows of the fall season find their place around the edges of these pieces making for a much bolder look. Persia shares a great example of the newer look that Wedgwood has been leaning toward with their designs, so if you want an up to date table that is sure to impress, then go ahead and consider adding this pattern to your collection.

The last pattern location to visit on this quick trip is the Wedgwood India. Unlike the two previous patterns, India is still in production, having been made since 1996. It is a great pattern that showcases the Wedgwood style very well. A clean white background is cased by a black and tan border with gold trim. The finishing touch is probably the beautiful floral design that has a very elegant look. Again, like the other two options, this is a great pattern for any collection and will definitely enhance your dining experience whenever you use it.

Wedgwood India Dinner Plate

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