Bold Colored Collections

When it comes to dishes that many people commonly use, a lot of times those pieces are limited to very similar color palettes. Of course there is no problem with that, unless you were hoping to make more of a bold statement with your dining collection. While a large proportion of china pieces have white backgrounds, there are also many options that have a very strong look and a burst of other colors. Here are a few ideas for your collection.

Mikasa Opus-Black┬áis one such example. After 17 years of successful production, the Opus-Black pattern was discontinued in 2002. It is one of Mikasa’s most popular patterns, likely because of the strong black color that mixes with beautiful white flowers for a charming and classy appearance. The flowers on this pattern are calla lilies and they fade into the background for a smoky sort of look. If you are wanting to host a dining experience that your guests will certainly remember, then the Opus-Black pattern is an impressive choice.

If you don’t mind white backgrounds so much but want something more than just a small colored trim or subtle pattern, then the Royal Crown Derby Gold Aves pieces definitely deserve some of your attention. Royal Crown Derby has been producing this pattern since 1961 and it has remained very popular since then. While the pattern has a white background, the majority of the pieces are covered with very intricate gold details. Birds, or aves, as the pattern would call them, are woven about with leaves and flowers in this bold gold pattern, making for a timeless look that fits in well with almost any style.

Last but not least, if you are looking for bold colored china, you might also want to take a look at some more colorful flatware. Blue Danube’s pattern by the same name is a great place to start your search. While a lot of flatware is plain silver, the Blue Danube pieces differ by including a patterned panel on their handles. The panel contains a gorgeous dark blue floral pattern that could easily match well with a variety of other china and crystal pieces. Whether they are being used to eat with or as decoration, the Blue Danube pattern items will be sure to add beauty to your home.

Mikasa Opus-Black Dinner Plate

Mikasa Opus-Black Dinner Plate

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