Valentine’s Celebration

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, a perfect time to show your affection and appreciation for those you care about. What better way to celebrate with your partner than by giving them a gift that is as exquisite as they are? Give the gift of beautiful fine china. Whether you are adding to a collection or just starting out, china pieces add lots of culture, conversation, and interest to whatever room they are placed in.

There are lots of options to choose from, but be sure to consider some of these:

The Noritake Adagio collection is great for those who enjoy formal dining. Giving a bouquet of flowers is always a nice idea, and this pattern’s deep red floral design could match a dozen roses perfectly. Though this pattern was discontinued after 1994, its 16 years of being produced have helped to set the foundation for its continued success. The Adagio is a very popular pattern has consistently made great sales, especially in Italy. The Italian word “adagio” itself roughly translates to “at ease” in English and is often found in musical scores to determine a tempo. Use this set if you are hoping to set up a relaxing evening.

A Wedgewood Bianca piece would be better for those who are ready to elegantly welcome the upcoming warmer seasons. Wedgwood manufactured this design for around 24 years. The flowery pattern is very characteristic of Wedgwood in general, though the Bianca pieces are unique in their own ways. With a bright and beautiful pastel color palette, this design is a great choice for following the trend of reds and pinks found around Valentine’s Day. Maybe you could even serve some chocolates or a slice of cake on a Bianca plate to celebrate the occasion.

Of course you will also need some glasses to go along with your china, and the Waterford Wynnewood pieces could be just what you’re looking for. While many other Waterford pieces contain more complex designs, the Wynnewood chooses a classic simplicity that looks absolutely stunning, having only straight vertical cuts up the goblet. Perhaps the subtlety of this design is what makes it so popular compared to other pieces as it always seems to be in very high demand. Being so popular after 18 years of being manufactured is definitely an accomplishment and likely a mark of the pattern’s future success.

Wedgwood Bianca

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