New Year… New Pizzazz

It’s a New Year, a clean slate full of hope and excitement. Many people set New Year’s Resolutions to trim down this, add that, or do something else. I have one more suggestion of a fun “To Do” item to add to your Resolutions list. Enhance your china collection with a little pizzaz and wow. So come your next family get together or party, you will knock your guests socks off. Here are some patterns that are sure to impress and add beauty to your china cabinet.

Lenox Jefferson, if presidential elegance is what you are looking for… Look no further. Jefferson is both regal elegance and luxurious shine rolled into one brilliant pattern. The face of the pattern is an elegant cream, accented by a regal royal blue band and embellished by a golden verge and trim. This pattern is spectacular, a true must have. These pieces are the perfect addition to any formal affair. Display your amazing cuisine on Jefferson by Lenox during your next company dinner party or formal dinner with friends.

Country fine dining chic is what you can expect from Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers. Close your eyes an imagine a whimsical yet elegant dinner adorned with twinkle lights and beautiful flowers… The beautiful imagery can be brought to your dining room table with this pattern. Graceful scalloped edges play around white lace texturing. Your guests will be transported to a garden chic adventure with every bite. You wont want to miss the opportunity to add these exquisite blue flowers to your china collection.

Wedgwood Ulander Black, classic elegance at it’s finest. The simplistic beauty of black and white is contrasted by brilliant golden accents. This pattern will serve as the perfect backdrop for your tablescape at any dinner party. The classic beauty will be one you can enjoy for years to come, as this type of elegance never wanes in style. This understated simplistic elegance gives you the advantage of being able to layer accent pieces in various colors and designs.

These patterns are only the tip of the iceberg. Visit us at Classic Replacements to view all of the beautiful creations you can add to your collection of wonderful china.

Wedgwood Ulander Black

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