Happy Holidays

From our families to yours, happy holidays. With the feeling of joy and wonder in the air, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite patterns.

Lenox Urban Twilight–¬†This Urban Twilight¬†pattern not to be confused with it’s sister Urban Lights does the trick for us. It is light airy with a touch of class.

Denby Auro Clear– Have you ever heard of the word “potschke”? It’s German-Yiddish slang for gaudy. This pattern is precisely the opposite. No “potschke” to this pattern. Just crystal, pure and clear.

Lenox Buchanan – Buchanan rightfully takes it’s place in the upper tier of the Lenox Presidential collection. A collectors favorite for it’s creamy center and right mixture of design and space accented by “blues” and raised dots.

Royal Doulton Royal Gold – This pattern is somewhat “potschke’d” :). Although it really isn’t. the intricate gold rim just highlights the stark whiteness of the center. For a company that has the word “royal” in it’s name to use “royal” in a pattern is unusual, certainly done only in the right circumstances. this pattern is truly deserving of the double “rotyal” in its name.

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

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