The Holiday Shopping Season Begins

Today kicks off the “start” of the Holiday shopping season. Here are some great ideas to get your shopping started.

Noritake Chandon Platinum – This Chandon Platinum pattern was manufactured for almost 10 years by the Noritake China company. Classic clean elegance that can go from your table to the dishwasher. This pattern is a complete win, beauty without the behind the scenes work with hand-washing. You will wow your dinner guests as well as your family dinner table with each of these pieces. Beautiful ivory is embellished with embossed delicate lacework and detailed floral. There is a different breath of fresh beauty across every textured portion of this pattern. Classic, beautiful, timeless. Investing in the pattern is a marvelous idea.

Royal Doulton Tennyson – This Tennyson pattern is currently in production since 1997 by the Royal Doulton China company, based in the UK. The Tennyson pattern is one of those patterns that lean towards the holidays based on their design & their specialty holiday items in the pattern. This pattern is one of the newer Royal Doulton designs & shows their shift away from the traditional & towards the more modern & themed designs. If you look at a pattern like Royal Doulton Kingswood & compare it to the Tennyson pattern you can get a feel for their older & newer styles.

Lenox Kelly– This Kelly pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Kelly is an extremly popular pattern & is still in strong demand even though it has been discountined since 2006. The Kelly pattern has a strong holiday look to it with its green holly colored band which evokes a christmas feel when looking at the Kelly pattern. Like several other pattern that lean torwards the holidays the Lenox china company manufactured several pieces in the Kelly pattern geared specifically for christmas, such as their christmas salad plates,mugs & more which come with a small christmas tree on them, although the rest of the design on the christmas pieces are slightly differen then the rest of the Lenox Kelly pattern they are in fact part of the Kelly pattern. Other patterns by Lenox which also feature a holiday design & theme are the Lenox Sleighride Lenox Eternal Christmas patterns. While Lenox does make these patterns geared more to the holdiay season & designs them with a more cheery & festive design the also have patterns geared for many other uses from formal dining to everyday use as can be seen from a more formal & high priced pattern like  Lenox Castle Garden to a less formal & more for everyday use pattern like Lenox Charleston .

What’s on the top of your shopping list this year?

Lenox Kelly

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