A Holiday to Remember

There is something about this time of year that makes me more nostalgic than most. I find myself sitting by a cozy fire, reading or journaling, and thinking back to my years as a child. A time in life where everything was magical and hope was so alive you could taste it. Taste, for me it’s paired with smell, and brings back so many wonderful memories I could fill every page of this blog. I would like to share one of these memories with you and encourage you to share some of your favorite holiday memories with us.

My mother was older than most of my friends mothers. We lived in a modest home, with modest comforts, and happiness was all around us. Mom didn’t wear fancy clothes, like many of the mothers did. She didn’t decorate our home with extravagant things. What she did love and invest in were beautiful pieces of china. Her heart belonged to Lenox and I can’t count for you the number of times I found her sitting in her chair circling items she adored in Lenox Catalogs. It’s memories brought to life from those pages that I still carry with me today.

Every Christmas mom would spend hours laying out the perfect holiday table before slaving away in the kitchen. The crown jewels of each tablescape were her Lenox Holiday china pieces. Even as a little girl I found these pieces enchanting. The way the light played across the golden ring around each piece reminded me of the glittering sunlight off the freshly fallen snow outside. Every year I counted the clusters of bright red berries on the plates and every year my mom would call from the kitchen, “Look with you eyes not with your hands, let the china shine for everyone.” And shine they did.

One Christmas Eve with the table sat I picked up one of the plates turning it around and around in my hands watching the light from the moon play along the golden trim. Suddenly the lights turned on in the dinning room and I jumped, watching in slow motion as the beautiful plate broke into uneven pieces. Mom stood wide eyed and I simply knew I was in for a punishment to rival all other punishments. As I began to cry mom took me in her arms and said, “These dishes are beautiful and they make me very proud. I’ve saved and your father has worked hard to afford us such beautiful holiday accents. However, you sweet girl is what Christmas is all about. The glint in your eye on Christmas morning is worth more than any plate or saucer or cup. With that said, remember always, look with your eyes not with our hands.”

For many years our holiday table was short one dinner plate. My first year of college I worked for the local newspaper making pennies, but saving all those that I could. That year I tucked under the tree one Lenox Holiday plate, adorned with a giant golden bow. I can still feel the excitement waiting for her to open the delicate package. It felt good to give back to her after countless years of her sacrificing for me.

This holiday season remember the little things. No matter if you love Waterford Powerssourt or Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari. No matter if you are a ham or turkey person. Come together and simply remember to love one another. No matter what your holiday, enjoy these moments gathered around and embed them into your memory. These are the moments that count and please always remember to always look with your eyes not with your hands.

Lenox Holiday

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