Wedgwood, An Introduction to Beauty

Have you been introduced to the beauty that is Wedgwood? No matter what your style Wedgwood as a pattern that will both inspire and delight you. Wedgwood provide stunning quality combined with sophisticated classical contemporary design and highly skilled craftsmanship. Quality is the name of the game with every piece that leaves Wedgwood’s door. Here are some of our favorite Wedgwood patterns.

Wedgwood American Clipper Blue – This American Clipper Blue pattern was manufactured for 20 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. Wedgwood American Clipper Blue has an almost identical sister pattern called Wedgwood Flying Cloud Rust which features the same center ship design with the major noticeable difference being the pattern color. The American Clipper Blue pattern is an excellent pattern for the holidays, especially thanksgiving. A surprisingly good crystal match for this pattern is Varga Versailles Sky Blue, the coloring matches the American Clipper Blue pattern in a really phenomenal way.

Wedgwood Amherst Platinum – This Amherst pattern has been manufactured since 1984 by the Wedgwood China company, based in the UK. The standard Wedgwood description of this decades old and popular pattern focuses on it’s subtle rather simple design with a twist in it’s blue-based floral border. It is a luscious white pattern with muted gray border lines interspersed by diamond shaped blue pieces and small gray boxes on the outer rim. Topped off by platinum trimmings, this pattern deserves your attention if soft style with a hint of something more reminds you of someone – yourself!

Wedgwood Gold Crown – This Crown Gold pattern was manufactured for 16 years  by the Wedgwood China company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Crown Gold pattern exudes a certain sense of class & refinement which is hard to find. The elegant simplicity of the Crown Gold pattern is stunning & subtle at the same time which is what make it so beautiful. Wedgwood made other patterns with this similar scalloped shape but added more color to them, to see what we mean see a pattern like Wedgwood Crown Emerald . For the opposite effect see a pattern like Wedgwood Amherst,a more current & modern looking pattern. The Wedgwood Crown Gold pattern in our opinion deserves a spot in the China Hall Of Great Patterns.

Wedgwood Crown Gold

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