Get to know the beauty that is Spode China

Spode China Company from the United Kingdom dates back to the 1700’s. Created by Josiah Spode and acquired by the Portmeirion Group in 2009. You probably know Spode for their elegant patterns and keen eye for detail. Here are a few of our favorite patterns created by Spode China Company.

Spode Stafford Flowers– This Stafford Flowers pattern has been manufactured for 22 years by the Spode China company, based in England. Spode Stafford Flowers is a pattern that should appeal to anyone who has an interest in botany as they place different interesting flowers on their pieces, for example the Stafford Flowers 9″ plate known as a luncheon/accent plate features two flowers, a large rhododendron flower & several smaller prinsepa flowers. Stafford Flowers is definitely one of Spodes more prestigious patterns as evidenced by its price and several other factors like the gold rim which is hand painted on with gold flakes. Spode has a wide range of patterns ranging from the lower end like Spode Rockingham pattern to the Spode Virginia pattern. The Spode china company & the Royal Worcester China company merged in 2006 bringing together two very fine & exquisite makers of china. Although the two companies merged they still retain their own respective brand names on their china patterns.

Spode Camelot– This Camelot pattern was manufactured for 7 years by the Spode China company, based in the UK. Camelot, in it’s historical sense is supposed to evoke a “magical” feeling. While we don’t know if this pattern quite rises to that level, it does fit the bill of a traditional, subtle pattern with noticeable differences from your standard black and gold trim such as Lenox Urban Lights. The intricately designed curls and jagged gold line make this pattern stand out from the pack.

Spode Rockingham-This Rockingham pattern was manufactured for 35 years by the Spode China company, based in the UK. Fruity, fresh and flavorful. No we’re not talking about an apple, we’re talking about this Rockingham pattern. We’re not sure after whom or what this pattern has been named, but be it after the Marquess of Rockingham or Rockingham, NJ, that for which it is named for can be proud. This is a delightful pattern, taking a back seat to no one when it comes to evoking the spirit of spring and summer. It also goes well as a formal pattern for summer parties and barbecues. Compares favorably to Villeroy and Boch’s Acapulco china pattern for quality and colorfulness.

Spode Rockingham

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