You’ll Only Find Beautiful Treats Here.

While the little ones are excited about treats, we want to share some beautiful treats for your upcoming holiday tables. You and your guests will fall in love with these eye popping pieces of china treats.

Lenox Charleston– This Charleston pattern was manufactured for 26 years by the Lenox China Company, based in the USA. Featuring a lovely rose peony design in pinks, greens and blues flanked by a double soft gray border and trimmed with precious platinum, this fine china design epitomizes Southern charm and sophisticated elegance. The creamy ivory background is classic Lenox. A design of floral grace and understated class, popular while in production and afterward. A perfect bridal pattern as well. This pattern can be used in the dishwasher but not in the microwave.

Lenox Urban Twilight– This Urban Twilight pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Urban twilight differs a bit from most of Lenox’s formal dining sets in the color of the background which is a plain white as opposed to the usual cream color the Lenox company uses. The salad plate in the Urban Lights pattern has a small motif in the center which is not a design Lenox frequently uses but they do put it on some patterns such as Lenox Hartwell House. The Urban Twilight pattern is very similar to patterns such as Lenox Urban Lights which looks very similar but has a thinner & darker colored rim.

Lenox Fruits of Life– This Fruits Of Life pattern was manufactured for 12 years by the Lenox  China company, based in the US. This pattern is one the more unusual designs made by the Lenox china company. The Fruits Of Life pattern is a solid colored pattern with the border being the same cream color as the background color of the plate with the only variation in color on this pattern being the thin gold trim & verge. While this pattern is not typical for this china manufacturer it is a gorgeous looking pattern & great to use in the spring time as its border of raised fruits & leaves symbolize new growth which is what the spring is all about. One of the other few patterns that Lenox makes in a solid color like the Fruits Of Life pattern is Lenox Sand Dune which has a similar design concept to this pattern.

Lenox Monroe– This Monroe pattern was manufactured for 20 years by the Lenox China Company, based in the USA. Lenox Monroe continues the tradition and strength of the other Lenox patterns in the presidential collection such as Lenox Hancock. It stays with the classic cream Lenox look with just enough maroon and gold to give it a deep, luscious luminance and “feel”. There is also a matching Lenox Monroe crystal pattern made to go hand in hand with this china pattern.

Lenox Monroe

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