Why You Need to Own China

Taste in china can very widely from Lenox Maywood and Wedgwood Kutani Crane to Mikasa Imperial Lapis and Villeroy & Boch Design Naif. Your preference is as unique as you are. The amazing thing about china is that no matter your creative preference there are still the same reasons you should own a set or two of beautiful china.

Spice up your family events and formal affairs. Fine china can be used for yearly family occasions or black tie events to add a special touch of elegance. Thanks to the wide variety of patterns you can choose a pattern to match your tablescape. Having a beautiful set of china is perfect for those unexpected dinner guests like family members dropping by or hosting a coworker for dinner. China is welcoming while adding a touch of class to every affair.

The sky is the limit. Allow your pattern selection to speak for you. There are literally thousands of patterns for you to choose from, so find one that is uniquely you. Consider having a causal pattern for daily use and a more fanciful pattern for special occasions. Perhaps you would like to invest in a set of china for every season. Beautiful holy for the holidays or delicate flowers for the spring. The great thing is, you aren’t limited to a simple cookie cutter option. Don’t settle for any ole pattern, find the perfect pattern that you will be proud to showcase and entertain with.

What’s mine is yours. Can you imagine the joy that will fill the hearts of future generations of your family, “This china belonged to your great grandmother, it gets passed down to the oldest daughter, and now I’m giving it to you.” Whatever your family tradition, china is the perfect heirloom to share. This is an exciting opportunity to start a legacy that your family can enjoy and remember for countless years to come. When purchasing to share with future generations consider investing in a minimum of six place settings. China isn’t just a beautiful platform for food presentation, it’s history and memories handed down over several generations.

Investing in beauty. Investing in a beautiful pattern can also be an investment in your families future. Well kept antique china can be valued very high by antique dealers. A quality set of fine china only appreciates as time passes, so take care and pride in your pieces. If you choose to purchase modern china, take time to research brands and styles that have a record of appreciation.

Eye candy. Fine china is simply beautiful to admire. The various shapes, colors, patterns, and styles are all aesthetically pleasing. It’s beauty can be used to add classic elegance or whimsical fun to a meal. Share vintage china pieces as decor around the home to add class and homeyness to various rooms. You can even share your love for china with a brightly decorated tea party for the little girls in your life. China is stunning, class, and functional.

No matter the reasons, china is a must have for everyone. How did you come to own your first set of china?

Villeroy & Boch Design Naif

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