Spotlight: Wedgwood China Company

This Monday’s company spotlight features Wedgwood China Company of England. Wedgwood provides luxury and elegance with each china piece they create. No matter your taste Wedgwood provides a pattern that you will love. You can expect nothing less than excellence from Wedgwood China Company.

Wedgwood Columbia Gold – This Columbia Gold pattern was manufactured for 15 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in England. The Wedgwood Columbia Gold pattern is an extremly elegant & refined pattern yet provides a bit more excitment with its gold dragons which gives it an intresting look to it & adds a bit of mystique to the Columbia Gold pattern. Wedgwood manufactures several Columbia patterns but not all of them are that similar to each other, for example the Wedgwood Columbia W595 pattern is essentialy the same design if all you are looking at is the pattern design itself, however once you look at the beautiful colors added to the pattern it is hard to tell that they even resemble each other at all. Wedgwood also makes patterns that look quite similar to the Columbia Gold pattern such as  Wedgwood Florentine Gold which has a similar gold dragon design but with a fuller & wider border. There also patterns to the lower end of the price spectrum made by Wedgwood & not quite as elegant but beautiful & sure to please whoever is eating off of it such as the Wedgwood Blue  Heritage pattern.

Wedgwood Charnwood – This Charnwood pattern was manufactured for 36 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Charnwood pattern goes heavy on the floral design & is the perfect pattern for spring/summer dining. Usually most Wedgwood patterns are better known for their fixed pattern designs & are not as wild & the colors are not as vivid as the Charnwood pattern is. Even though its not a typical Wedgwood pattern it was a great commercial success. The coloring in the floral design in the Charnwood pattern is similar to the Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern. A great crystal match for both patterns is the Varga Majestic Raspberry pattern & would add some international flair to your table.

Wedgwood Chinese Legend – This Chinese Legend pattern was manufactured for 6 years by the Wedgwood China company. If historical story telling and whimsy are what you are looking for than this pattern is exactly what you need. Each piece tells a story dominated with Chinese inspired art. Light blue birds dance in the sky over a quaint bridge. These pieces will surely inspire conversation with your dinner guests.

Wedgwood Chinese Leged


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