Holiday Planning Tea Party

It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking and planning parties for the family. Who will be in charge of this or that during the upcoming holiday season? So much planning, so many details, and numerous people. Why not host a Holiday Planning Tea Party to discuss the details with everyone. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your Wedgewood Palatia or Royal Doulton Biltmore, while also ironing out all of the holiday details. Fun and productive!

1. Teas are typically held in the early or later afternoon. Pick a time that works best within your schedule, where you won’t be rushed due to other obligations. You want to have time to set up, host/enjoy, and clean up without feeling the pressure of hurrying.

2. Create some invitations. Sure you could text or call, but it’s fun to receive an actual paper invitation to an event. You can use your computer and basic scrap-booking supplies to create your own or buy pre-made invitations at your local stationary store. If you are in a pinch for time a Facebook invite or email invite would work as well.

3. Tea party supplies you will need: cups, saucers, and a tea pot are all a must. This is the perfect time to use your Lenox Hayworth. You may also want to use a tea strainer and small dish to put the used tea leaves in. Napkins are important if you plan on serving treats, don’t worry we will cover that later. Lastly consider tea additions like milk, sugar, lemon, honey, or peppermint.

4. Now for the fun part, pick your teas. There are many organic stores you can visit or stop by your local market. You will want to have a handful of different varieties for your guests to sample. You could also invite guests to bring their favorite tea to share with the party guests.

5. Treats, a delicious way to keep guests happy while you discuss holiday plans. Pastries, finger sandwiches, and other baked goods are all crowd pleasers. For sandwiches consider small club sandwiches or veggie sandwiches with cream cheese. With pastries and baked goods the sky really is the limit. Purchase from your grocer or search the internet for some creative recipes. A lemon pound cake would be a nice addition to your treat table.

6. The day of your Holiday Planning Tea Party start warming the water 10 to 15 min before your guests are to arrive. This is also the ideal time to set out your treats that may have been stored in the refrigerator. I would recommend having your treats, tea additions, etc in the middle of the table where you all will be sitting to plan. That way you have room to talk, write and enjoy all in the same space.

7. Plan a fabulous holiday season.

That’s it. These easy steps will help you host an amazing Holiday Planning Tea Party that your family and friends will enjoy. Take the stress out of holiday planning by making it a party with warm tea and delicious treats. Happy pre-holiday season everyone.

Wedgwood Palatia

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