Microwavable UNsafe

Fine china. It’s beautiful. Your guests talk about it during your dinner parties. You take every precaution to keep it looking like new. No matter if you are a Villeroy & Boch Intarsia, Wedgwood Bianca or Lenox Witherspoon fan, there is one place you should never find china. In your microwave. Find out why along with other items you should never put in your microwave.

Microwave fine china, no way. The main reason is china was not crafted to withstand the temperatures created inside the microwave. Such exposure could damage your china beyond repair. A lot of china contains metal which could also damage your microwave.

Tin Foil, just say no. Metal is and always will be a no no in the microwave. Don’t even think about putting your foil covered leftovers in the microwave especially if they are on your favorite china plate. Metal in the microwave equals damage for everything involved.

Fruit, not microwaveable. Did you know that grapes in the microwave can actually spark fire and possibly burst into flames? It’s true. So avoid warming fruit in the microwave.

Marshmallow Peeps, fire hazard. Peeps in the microwave can also catch fire. Roast them over a fire this autumn season, but please keep them out of your microwave. Nothing puts a kink in your plans like a visit from the fire department.

Sponges, it kills bacteria right? Have you heard that putting your sponge in the microwave and cooking it will kill germs living on the sponge? Wrong, putting your sponge in the microwave and pressing start is yet another way to start a fire in your home. If your sponge is getting funky, throw it out.

Make sure to protect your electronics and your china. Remember to never put your china in the microwave. Instead find a microwavable safe dish. It may take a little extra time, but it will save you some heartache in the future. Your china is an investment, protect it.

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