Don’t Forget The Sparkle

The holiday season of dinner parties and family meals are just around the corner.  Make sure to add some sparkle and elegance to you dinner table. Here are some beautiful crystal pieces to add shine to your table.

Waterford Curraghmore – This Curraghmore pattern has been in production since 1971 & is manufactured by the Waterford Crystal company, based in Ireland/ the UK . This Waterford Curraghmore crystal pattern is a timless classic & matches very well with the more well known Waterford Padova china pattern. The Curraghmore crystal pattern is one of the most elegant Waterford patterns we have ever seen & we say this after matching it up against gorgeous patterns like Waterford Ashling & the like. The Curraghmore pattern has the classic trend of most Waterford crystal patterns that it is never discontinued.

Waterford Alana – This Alana pattern was manufactured for 58 years by the Waterford Crystal company, based in Ireland. This pattern has been discontinued, but like all Waterford patterns is available upon special order. Similar, updated versions of this pattern include Waterford Alana Essence and Alana Prestige. Alana is the Gaellic term for “Darling” or “Darling Child”, and it is quite a charming cut and design. The criss-crossing, diamond cut is in the best tradition of Waterford and indeed of all fine cut crystal.

Waterford Colleen Short Stem – This Colleen pattern was manufactured starting in 1968 by the Waterford Crystal company, based in Ireland, and like all Waterford patterns is never “officially” discontinued.The word “Colleen” is obviously a girls name but few know that it also means “girl” in ancient Celtic. Colleen has a fullness of character, with the crisscrossed  heaviness centered right off the stem leading perfectly into the large vertical ovals topped by plain sparkling crystal. It’s emphasis is heavy on tradition and security, embracing the formal and the known.

This holiday season don’t forget the sparkle with every family meal.

Colleen Champagne Sherbet

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