Fantastic Floral Flare

Walking around a fall festival I was inspired by the beautiful petals of vibrant fall flowers. Mums adorned the corners of doorsteps along the city square and children’s laughter could be heard from miles away. It was a beautiful sight as the cool early autumn air played through afternoon sunbeams. I was inspired to share the fantastic flare of floral patterns.

This Morning Blossom pattern was manufactured for 15 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. The Lenox Morning Blossom pattern is the perfect design for china for the upcoming summerr season with its large floral arrangments of brightly colored flowers and its turquoise band all shouting summer & making it the perfect pattern to use at your next formal barbecue & other summery events as such. The Morning Blossom pattern by Lenox employs a different shape for its dishes then most Lenox patterns, it has a flatter shape to its plates & its serving pieces such as the oval vegetable bowl have a more deeper shape to it then most Lenox patterns. While this design is not commonly found in Lenox patterns it is used on some such as Lenox Moosnpun pattern which which has that similar flat design & is most obvious in its serving pieces. You can see the difference between the flatter design & deeper design by looking at a pattern such as Lenox Blue Tree which has the deeper design. The difference in design is not really a matter of a more or less expensive pattern but is more based on personal preference of a person in the market for some fine Lenox china. It would seem from the amount of china Lenox makes in the deeper design that it is the more popular choice as can be seen from patterns like Lenox Charleston which is enormously popular even though it was discontinued almost thirty years ago & continues to sell like a pattern still in production.

The Williamsburg Potpourri pattern was manufactured for 42 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in England.  the discontinued Williamsburg Potpourri pattern is an obviously popular & sought after pattern as can be seen from the length of time it was in production, popular Wedgwood patterns are usually manufactured for 10-20 years & the Williamsburg Potpourri pattern was manufactured for 42 years which makes it stand out a bit from other Wedgwood china patterns. The Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri pattern is not a typical looking Wedgwood pattern as can be seen from a pattern like Wedgwood Florentine Blue  but there are other Wedgwood patterns that do have some similarities to the Williamsburg Potpourri pattern like the Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern which is very sought after at Classic Replacements.

The Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern was manufactured for 24 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in the UK. This pattern is part of Wedgwood’s Williamsburg Commemorative Ware which is a registered trademark of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (and so noted on the back of many pieces). This bright bone china pattern impresses with its exquisitely designed border of cranberry flowers and green leaves along with the shining gold trim and scalloped edge. Commemorating our colonial heritage, its lovely image as well as the unique shape of the serving pieces have made this pattern a Top Twenty bestseller on the discontinued china market.

The Lenox Carolina – Blue Flowers pattern was manufactured for 11 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Carolina – Blue Flowers shares the Carolina name with an older pattern also called Lenox Carolina, but that one is cream colored in design and bears no resemblance to this blue themed pattern. A typical Lenox pattern and we use typical in an admiring way. Cream background with soft blues and floral delights to add a pleasant ambiance to any and every meal. Even though it was only around for 11 years, unlike patterns such as Lenox Autumn which have been around forever, Carolina is still very much loved by those who bought it in it’s heyday.

We are very much enjoying this change of season, wishing you and yours the same joy as the autumn colors begin to spread across the tress.

Lenox Carolina Blue Flowers

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