Dreaming Up A Holiday Wish List

Welcome to the beginning of Fall. The time of year when everyone starts to pack away their sundresses and beach towels and replace them with cinnamon apple cider and sweaters. With the air just starting to chill and the heat of summer in our review mirror we start to turn our attention to the upcoming holiday season. It will without a doubt be here be here before we know it. What are you putting on your holiday wish list? Here are some great ideas to share this upcoming holiday season.

Beautiful sparking crystal like the Wynnewood pattern by the Waterford Crystal & China company, based in England.The Waterford Wynnewood pattern  differs from many other Waterford patterns by design, many Waterford patterns feature a starburst design as can be seen on a pattern like Waterford Powerscourt or Waterford Ashling to name a few of them, the Wynnewood pattern however features a more subtle design with only straight cut lines going up the side of the goblet. This subtle design may be what makes the Wynnewood pattern so very popular as the pattern is still in production which but is still not always available & easy to find as we see by the constant demand Classic Replacements gets for the Wynnewood pattern. It is quite rare for a Waterford pattern to be as popular as Waterford Wynnewood is while it is still in production, usually most Waterford enthusiast like to start collecting a pattern after it has gone out of production. Although many Waterford crystal patterns are often a bit more “busy” looking in its design, their china patterns genereally have a quieter design like we see in patterns like Waterford Padova & Barons Court

Elegant simplicity with the Hannah Gold pattern from the Lenox China company, based in the US. The currently discontinued Hannah Gold pattern is part of a running trend by the Lenox Company to make dual patterns or sister patterns. These pattern are generally almost identical besides for a small variation in the design. Take this pattern for example, it has a sister pattern called Lenox Hannah Platinum which has the same design besides for the trim & verge which is platinum & not gold like the Lenox Hannah Gold pattern. Some other patterns by Lenox which feature a sister patterns are Lenox Erin & Erica to name one of several.

The value retaining Runnymede Blue pattern by the Wedgwood China company, based in England. The discontinued Wedgwood Runnymede Blue pattern is rich with history besides for its elegant design which made it an extremely popular pattern. the name of the pattern “Runnymede Blue” is derived from the place where the Magna Carta was sealed in the year 1215 by King John of England. Runnymede is a meadow alongside the Thames river in Surrey England & it is there where the Magna Carta was signed & perhaps one of the most historical moments in history happened as it was the first time a monarchs authority was limited by the his people as we are seeing now all over the Middle East 796 years later. Possible the reason why Wedgwood named  this pattern Runnymede Blue is because they felt this would be an immensely popular pattern & wanted its name to carry that prestige, whatever the reason is that the Wedgwood china company named the Runnymede Blue pattern “Runnymede” it did turn out to be one of their more popular pattern with demand today for Runnymede Blue pattern almost as strong as it was when it was in production thirteen years ago. Wedgwood Runnymede Blue bears a strong resemblance to other patterns by Wedgwood like the Cavendish & Edme patterns by Wedgwood not in design but by name as they also are named after locations in England. The Wedgwood Runnymede Blue pattern is an increasingly hard to find pattern as it is very prized & has not been made in over 10 years.

We wish you fun during the composing of your holiday list. What special items are you looking forward to putting on your holiday wish list this year?

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