Will You Join Us For Tea?

Sometimes the best way to share beloved items like the Lenox Tosca or the Lenox Hayworth is to share that love with the next generation. A great way to show off and share your stunning pieces like the Aynsley Cottage Garden is to host a whimsical tea party for the fantastic kiddos in your life.

The first step will be picking a theme that the little guests will love. You can’t go wrong, tap into your creativity, and let the whimsy flow. Here are a few theme ideas to provide you with some inspiration.

  • Mad hatter tea party
  • Stuffed animals on parade tea party
  • Storybook tea party
  • Princess tea party
  • Season themed: autumn dance tea party, winter fairy tea party, spring flower tea party or summer beach tea party

Next decide on your food / refreshments which should be age appropriate. Younger children may burn themselves on hot tea so serving flavored lemonade or flavored chilled tea could be a wonderful alternative. Use caution when making snacks that include peanut products like peanut butter finger sandwiches, as many children suffer from allergies. Don’t shy away from serving child favorites like chicken nuggets and apply slices. Your china will still be beautiful while catering to the taste of youngsters.

Consider handing out party goodie bags for the little guests to take home. These can be themed according to the party. You can share fun beaded jewelry, bubbles, colorful pencils, stickers and candy. Try using colorful cellophane wrapped in satin ribbon in replace of a traditional goodie bag.

With a little care and a lot of fun you and your little guests a like can have a wonderful tea party. What a wonderful way to share the joy of artistic china with the little ones in your life.

Aynsley Cottage Garen

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