China, What Not To Do

At some point you or someone you know made the investment in beautiful china. Careful consideration was given to find the precise pattern to fit your taste. No matter if your taste includes patterns like the Noritake Adaigo or Herend Linia it is important to treat your pieces with great love and care. Here are some tips for what NOT to do to your beautiful pieces of artwork.

  • Do not use steel wool or other abrasive surfaces on your china dishes. You want to keep your pieces looking new like the day they came out of the box.
  • Do not allow food to dry and cake onto your china dishes. This can cause chipping and ware and tare. Treat your pieces with care and they will last for years to come.
  • Do not put china dishes in the dishwasher unless you are certain the pieces are safe for dishwasher use. Dishwashers can causes cracking, pattern ware and chipping to delicate pieces.
  • Do not store china hastily. Take the extra time to place cushion dividers between your plates and other pieces. Storing on top of one another without protection can cause compound cracking.
  • Do not trust the little ones with china care. Use separate dishes for the youth in your family or provide them dish transport to/from the table. Little hands can easily drop or hit the china on accident. It’s important to eliminate any preventable accidents.
  • Do not wash china in unprotected sink. Place a thick towel in the bottom of your sink before filling with water. This way if you hands become slippery your wont drop your favorite platter against the hard sink base.
  • Do not store your china in the refrigerator. If there are leftovers transport them into storage containers. Major changes in temperature can cause damage to the surface of your china.
  • Do not allow mans best friend to dine off of your china. This may sound like a silly one, but Fiddo has more than once dinged or scratched a china plate he was entrusted to lick clean.

With a little extra care you can safe yourself the heartache of damaged china. If you picked out a pattern like the Spode Stafford Flowers set yourself up to love it for years. Don’t lock your china away to never be used, but treat it with the respect it deserves. Happy dining.

Spode Stafford Flowers

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