Monday Pattern Shout Out

We know that choosing a china or crystal pattern can be a difficult one. Here are a few of our favorites to help you find a pattern that fits your taste. Check back with us in the future to find out what other patterns we love and want to share with you.

Waterford Wynnewood: his Wynnewood pattern is currently in production for 18 years & is manufactured ¬†by the Waterford Crystal & China company, based in England.The Waterford Wynnewood pattern ¬†differs from many other Waterford patterns by design, many Waterford patterns feature a starburst design as can be seen on a pattern like Waterford Powerscourt or Waterford Ashling to name a few of them, the Wynnewood pattern however features a more subtle design with only straight cut lines going up the side of the goblet. This subtle design may be what makes the Wynnewood pattern so very popular as the pattern is still in production which but is still not always available & easy to find as we see by the constant demand Classic Replacements gets for the Wynnewood pattern. It is quite rare for a Waterford pattern to be as popular as Waterford Wynnewood is while it is still in production, usually most Waterford enthusiast like to start collecting a pattern after it has gone out of production. Although many Waterford crystal patterns are often a bit more “busy” looking in its design, their china patterns genereally have a quieter design like we see in patterns like Waterford Padova & Barons Court

Lenox Hayworth: This Hayworth pattern was manufactured for 28 by the Lenox China company, based in the US. Probably the most famous of all Lenox bone china patterns is Lenox Eternal china. Why? Because it represents all that Lenox is about. Translucent, creamy ivory background with nothing else but the 24k gold trim to add to it’s luster. Simple, elegant, classy, timeless. Lenox Hayworth china is a variation of that famous pattern only with a gold verge and a more delicate application of the gilt. Lenox Hayworth was designed to offer choices for those who liked the classic, simple Lenox look. It is also dishwasher safe, which is a great convenience and allows for this china to be used on a more consistent basis.

Wedgewood Charnwood: This Charnwood pattern was manufactured for 36 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Charnwood pattern goes heavy on the floral design & is the perfect pattern for spring/summer dining. Usually most Wedgwood patterns are better known for their fixed pattern designs & are not as wild & the colors are not as vivid as the Charnwood pattern is. Even though its not a typical Wedgwood pattern it was a great commercial success. The coloring in the floral design in the Charnwood pattern is similar to the Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern. A great crystal match for both patterns is the Varga Majestic Raspberry pattern & would add some international flair to your table.

We hope you enjoyed sharing in these beautiful patterns, we love sharing our passion for the amazing with you.

Wedgwood Charnwood


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