What Your China Pattern Says About You

What does your taste in china patterns say about your personality? A lot can be said about who you are by your taste in apparel, home, food, etc. China patterns are no exceptions.

The Traditionalist:

You are probably the person that those around you can set their clocks to. You are promptly up for your morning walk at 7am, go to the grocery store every Tuesday and are always at little Sally’s dance class early. You are reliable, accountable and punctual. Your boss loves you because you conquer your projects ahead of schedule, your friends rely on you because you are always there for them and you feel confident you can take on the world with your trusty schedule. You not only follow the rules, you make the rules. If you throw a dinner party and adorn the plates with printed ivory name cards, you are probably a traditionalist. As a traditionalist you may enjoy the pattern Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari.

The Minimalist:

Is white your favorite color? Will you argue for an hour with anyone who claims white is not actually a color? Do you get a little stressed out in busy locations packed full of fuss and frills? You are the person who lovingly displays a perfect stack of dishes in plain sight. In your eyes less is more and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You are a straight forward and to the point kind of person. For you the world is black and white, clean and simplistically beautiful. The perfect pattern for a Minimalist like yourself is the Waterford Lisette.

The Anglophile:

No matter where your life takes you a little bit of your heart will be immersed in all things British. You are the person who still has Kate & Williams wedding on your DVR and has a stack of magazines about the royal baby. If you haven’t attended a high tea, you want to. You may even have decor around your home that shows your love of the culture; a replica of Big Ben or a Beatle’s album. These classic inspired patterns are some of the most popular throughout history. As an Anglophile you may enjoy the Aynsley Cottage Garden.

The Free Spirit:

Are you a bohemian princess? You don’t live your life on a schedule, in fact you are a fly by the seat of your pants type of person. You don’t fuss over deadlines and occupy your time by living in the moment. You fill your world with all things beautiful and whimsical. For you, life is too short to live even one day boring. If you were hosting a party for friends you would invite them with a simple text message and iron out the details an hour before. You are all things fun and fanciful. For the Free Spirit you may enjoy the Wedgwood Chinese Legend.

No matter what your taste, we love that you are as passionate about your china as we are. Embrace your go to pattern, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try something different.


Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari



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