Helping Moving Day Be Less Stressful

So you are moving, congratulations on this adventure in your life. As you pack up your memories to take with you on this adventure make sure your important items are properly packed. Here are some tips to make sure your china like the Nikko Raceme or Philip Kingsley Classic Cobalt have a safe trip.

Make sure that you find a box that is both large enough to store your piece and secure. Add some extra tape across the bottom of the box, you don’t want to risk your precious cargo crashing to the floor. Keep the box light, no more than 10 pounds to ensure easy transport.

Add plenty of packing peanuts, foam sheets or thick blankets to the bottom of the box. You want to protect the dishes from scratches from the box and add a little extra protection incase of a hard drop or bounce.

Wrap each piece of china separately, this includes lids. We recommend bubble wrap or foam sheets that can be found at your local moving store. Then wrap the foamed piece in newspaper. Protection is key. Layers and padding will help protect these important pieces of your family story.

Now put the wrapped pieces into the box, placing a bunch of newspaper in between each piece. Leave space between the edge of your pieces and the side of the box.

When your items are stored inside of the box fill empty space with additional packing peanuts or newspaper. You want to prevent the china from moving around.

Find your largest black market and write “Fragile” across your box on all sides. Make sure whoever is moving that box is aware that the contents are breakable.

Set the box in a secure place until it is ready to be unpacked. Setting it aside will reduce the risk of it getting accidentally kicked while other boxes are being shuffled around.

Moving can be stressful the last thing you need to worry about is if your favorite Lynn Chase Butterfly Bamboo will arrive safely. Take the little bit of extra time to safety pack your china. You will be relieved when you find all your pieces made it safe, thus making that extra effort worth it.

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