China Cleaning TLC

You’ve made an investment, you’ve taken the time to specifically pick out the perfect pattern like the Lenox Citation Lace and now it’s time to take the best care possible of your pieces of art.

A lot of china like the Syracuse Sherwood can’t be thrown in your dishwasher with your everyday flatware. It takes a little extra TLC to keep it in ‘like new’ condition. When you take the time and efforts needed to keep your china like new you are preserving your investment for resale or to share with your family. No matter what your reason, taking care of your china will ensure you can enjoy it in a beautiful condition for years to come.

You will want to wash your dishes not long after meal time, this will prevent food from caking onto the surface. Under no circumstances should the dishes be left dirty overnight, this can put your dishes at risk.

When hand washing your dishes put a thick towel at the bottom of your sink, this will prevent chipping or breaking incase one of the dishes slips out of your hands. Fill the sink with warm water and a mild dish washing soap, we recommend avoiding dish soap that contains bleach. Before you begin washing the dishes remove hand jewelry to prevent scratching. You will also want to move the faucet to avoid accidentally hitting it during the washing process.

Wash each dish separately with a soft washcloth or sponge, do not use anything with an abrasive surface. If you have a pesky spot that won’t come off add a little baking soda or additional dish soap directly to your sponge or washcloth. Then focus your attention on that area.To dry your dishes allow them to air dry or towel dry them with a soft clean towel.

Storing your dishes is very important. Place cloth napkins or paper towels between each dish to prevent any nicks or scratches. Teacups shouldn’t be stacked or hung, this can cause damage to the handles. If you aren’t using your china at least once a year, get in the habit of annually washing your dishes. Doing so helps to protect the finish and reduce damage caused by dust.

The best rule of thumb is simply take it easy. If you invest in china such as the Ralph Lauren Megan you want to be able to show it off to your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to use it, just give it the extra TLC it needs to stay gleaming like new.


Ralph Lauren Megan


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