Key Mistakes to Avoid When Looking To Sell China

So you’ve got these beautiful sets of Wedgwood Kutani Crane, Minton Bellemeade and Wedgwood Colorado to sell and of course you want to get the maximum for them that you can. Now there is no way you’ll get what you paid for, special circumstances excluded, as we’ve explained in the past. But if you play your card right, you’ll still make a bundle.

The following are two key mistakes to avoid when shopping around for the best offer.

1) Do not mention how much you want for it.

Companies that buy china and tableware have many offers to choose from. When you set a price, you can come across as a bit inflexible, even when that price is negotiable on your part, which will often cause buyers to move along. Give the impression of someone who is reasonable and willing to work things out and you’ll get more and better offers.

2) Don’t be vague

Again, companies have so many offers to choose from that they cannot afford to dedicate more than a split second to skim over any particular offer they receive. if a request contains little information, many times the hassle is not worth it and your prospective buyer moves on. Provide clear brand, pattern and piece information and watch the responses roll in.

Wedgwood Colorado

Wedgwood Colorado

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