What Are Ramekins Used For?

You’ve seen them all over. Such popular patterns such as Adams Lancaster, Block Poinsettia, Villeroy & Boch Acapulco and Royal Worcester Herbs have them and put them to good use. They’re called ramekins. But what are they used for?

The typical ramekin is rather small, round and often ribbed. The interesting fact about ramekins is that they are often made to be used in the oven, even on occasion when the pattern to which they belong to isn’t oven-to-table. That’s because they’re often used for soups and the like and considering the difficulty of transferring, particularly liquids, from such small utensils, making them oven-to-table just makes sense.

Your pattern may not have them, but if it does make sure to get them. They’ll come to good use.

Royal Worcester Herbs Green

Royal Worcester Herbs Green

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