Are Replacement China & Crystal Kosher?

Now before you get worries, what we mean by kosher is not the general term as in “legal” or something of that sort. The term kosher referred to here is the legal definition of kosher for those who keep the dietary laws of kosher.

Now you may ask, since no one plans on eating a nice chunk of Wedgwood India China or drinking Waterford Powerscourt goblets themselves, what difference does it make? Wedgwood Charnwood may make beautiful dessert bowls, but no one is going to eat the bowls themselves!

You asked well, but to the kosher consumer, any utensil that has come in contact with non-kosher food may cause problems. Obviously, a detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say, that most customers inquiring about kosher dishes are basically asking if the dishes are brand new.

To which the answer is, usually not. Therefore before purchasing, customers should contact the retailer and make sure that the specific pieces they are getting are brand new. Otherwise, it may (and should) look new-like, but there is no guarantee that they have never been used. Only the retailer can know that and they should be asked directly.

Wedgwood Charnwood

Wedgwood Charnwood

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