Is Crazing of China More Common By Certain Brands Or Patterns?

Quality is crucial when buying china, especially replacement china. Considering that it has been used, washed and stored, you may never know what you are getting unless you purchase from a reputable source which stands behind their products and will guarantee your satisfaction (such as Classic Replacements :)).

Spode Buttercup

Spode Buttercup

One of the issues that tends to be murky with quality control is crazing. Unlike chips which are a sure sign of damage, crazing can sometimes be part of the design. in addition we have found that storage is the primary factor in the frequency and extent of crazing.

Nonetheless, there seems to be a prevalence by certain brands and patterns to have more crazing than other. Spode Buttercup for example along with other older Spode patterns require careful examination more then Lenox Moonspun and the like. It’s simply a matter of the manufacturing process. All the more reason to be careful when purchasing these patterns that you will be taken care of in the event of a problem.

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