The Goal of A Well-Set Table

So you’ve decided to spring for it, you’ve shelled out the big bucks for those patterns you’ve had your eyes on for a while Herend Chinese Bouquet Rust and Vera Wang Champagne Duchesse. They’re stylish, classy and really impressive. It’s important to recognize that the look and feel you’re going for doesn’t stop there.

True, you’ve got the basics, the mainstays of a fine table but the feeling of elegance and high style still needs the finishing touches. Many people don’t get this far, which is okay, but why not have a complete your table and get that absolutely stunning look and feel when it won’t even cost much more?

I’m talking about the accessories, the accouterments. Napkins, napkin holders, place card, party favors and candles. In comparison to your overall budget these can be close to a rounding error, but they provide the missing link that makes a nice table into a memorable one. It’s an investment that tells your guests that you went the extra mile for them, a feeling they’ll be sure to reciprocate.

Vera Wang Champagne Duchesse

Vera Wang Champagne Duchesse

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