Introducing Herend Livia

We at Classic Replacements are accustomed to getting new patterns, often many of them, every day. Nonetheless there are some that makes us pause and take note. These are the unique, the timeless or conversely, the quirky.

Herend Livia

Herend Livia

Up for your perusal is the Livia pattern by Herend. There is no need to belabor the quality of any and every piece made by Herend, known the world over for such luxurious stalwarts such as Herend Rothschild Bird, Herend Queen and Princess Victoria and Herend Chinese Bouquet Rust.

However, do take a moment to check out this pattern. Begun in 1985 and still in production (as are most of Herend’s patterns) Livia is a brilliant splash of color with a floral motif and what appears to be an orange/mustard trim. We are really taken by it’s cheerfulness and boldness. take a look, maybe you will to?

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