Wedgwood India and Wedgwood Cornucopia – Timeless Classics In A Modern World

From time to time we like to highlight some industry trends, industry meaning tableware i.e. chin, crystal and gifts. Now it will come as now shock to all of you that “modernism” has taken over our industry (as it has pretty much all industries, except antiques I guess). Besides for practicality, today’s consumers demand variety, simplicity and boldness (how ironic!).

Wedgwood India

Wedgwood India

Be that as it may, there are still patterns being made that manage back”>how to get your ex boyfriend back

to incorporate these modern desires with the elegance and class of the past. I’d like to highlight two patterns that are going strong: Wedgwood India and Wedgwood Cornucopia. Both are dishwasher safe, both combine wide open spaces in the center of the design with strong design elements on the border. Both also feature many accent plates and conversational-style serving pieces.

It’s nice to see that there isn’t a total disconnect, that the past, present and future (perhaps :)). Can blend seamlessly together. Same as our families, eh?

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