How To Prevent Your China From Breaking

Since the holidays are now over, there is no time better than the present to figure what went wrong and what you can do to prevent it in the future. No, I’m not referring to your burnt turkey, but rather how yet another of your favorite Royal Crown Derby Derby Panel Green Lenox Celtic Braid or Wedgwood India pieces ended up in the dustbin this past year.

So let’s review some simple common sense tips to help avoid such mishaps in the future.

Don’t Stack Them

Stacking dishes are a convenient way to handle and move them but are often the leading cause of breakage as well as cracks and chips. It may be more cumbersome to handle them individually, but it is well worth it.

Don’t Let Your Kids Handle Them

Duh, you say? Well we all know it but somehow the kids end up just carrying one dish just this once after a long and tiring day and somehow just the dish ends up broken. Even older kids are more likelier to treat you favorite plate as they o your Corelle so if you can, keep it out of their little hands. And of course, don’t serve them on it! That pretty much guarantees you’ll be ending the meal with less dishes than you started with.

Use Two Hands

Again, it’s tempting to sacrifice security for convenience, but the best way to handle all dishes, small or large, are with a firm, two-handed grip.

Now of course, you may choose to ignore all the above, but going the extra mile to take care of your chine will ensure that they last as long as they can, which can be quite a long time. Good luck!

Lenox Celtic Braid

Lenox Celtic Braid

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