Post-Holiday Tableware Inventory Help

So the holidays have come and gone. Hopefully all went well and you’ve accomplished your goals; namely to make it through in one piece :). However, it is quite likely that your china or crystal didn’t fare as well ;(. Don’t waste time assigning blame (remember the blame will eventually find it’s way back to you somehow, after all it IS your grandkid :)). Do take immediate inventory of your beloved Wedgwood Cornucopia, Vera Wang Champagne Duchesse and Waterford Siren so that you are clear as to what’s missing.

To help you with that task, we’ve assembled this very handy China Checklist. This will allow you to have at your fingertips all the pieces you have as well as all those you need/want to purchase. Don’t wait until next year to get on top of this. It’s simple, easy and worth the few minutes of your time.

China Checklist



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