What We Are Grateful For

Grateful. What an important word. What a valuable concept. Without it, man is an island unto himself. Gratitude is the bond that cannot be broken, the bond that withstands the tests and vicissitudes of this life.

Allow me to take a moment to express something other than our usual gratitude’s. Of course we are grateful to all our dear customers and suppliers. We are also grateful for the ability to help people replace what is near and dear to them. Yet there is more.

Upon reflection, we find ourselves in the fortunate position of being able to enhance and strengthen the bond among family and friends come holiday time. Imagine a world in which something broken stays broken and cannot be replaced.

Without the ability to replace discontinued china and crystal, holiday angst would be ratcheted up a notch. The guests would be on edge, making sure they and (especially :)) their children don’t break those expensive pieces of Wedgwood India. The hosts know no peace, constantly checking to see if their favorite Waterford Siren glasses will survive the holidays. Missing from all this? Peace of mind, joy and serenity.

That we have the ability to put minds at ease, assuring people that they can replace their tableware at attractive prices, is in our view something to truly be grateful for. And we thank you all for this opportunity you continue to give us.

Happy new year!

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