Free Shipping Is Here Again!

Holiday season is gearing up and so is your search for the perfect gift as well as the perfect table. Most of you will be doing some significant portion online, especially with regard to purchasing replacement and discontinued china. Since there are only a few retailers such as us, online is the way to go.

That being the case shipping charges are of paramount concern to you. Being that you love your favorite china patterns such as Royal Doulton Sherbrooke, Lenox Moonlight Mood, and Wedgwood Royal Lapis no one needs to tell you one simple thing: china weighs a ton. Hence the concerns about shipping.

Well, good news! All orders above $150 ship free! Isn’t that a relief? We do our best to ensure that besides for the top class quality and low prices you are used to, you only have to pay for what you want, i.e. the china itself. So buy now!

Wedgwood Royal Lapis

Wedgwood Royal Lapis

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