Mastering the "WOW Factor"

There’s something called the “Wow Factor”. It’s that intangible, hard-to-describe feeling that separates excellence from the rest of the pack. Be it in electronics, literature or even people, when we encounter the “Wow Factor”, we are simply put, wowed. And that can be all the difference between yet another experience in life and something truly memorable.

When setting your table for the holidays, remember the wow factor. No doubt your table looks gleaming when set with the finest china and crystal such as Lenox Country Romance, Royal Doulton Challinor and Waterford Powerscourt, but something extra is needed to reach the tipping point which separates the elevated from the mundane. Be it a uniquely shaped piece, a massive soup tureen or matching flatware and accessories, your favorite pattern has what it takes to go the extra mile. Make sure you do too :)!

Royal Doulton Challinor

Royal Doulton Challinor

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