Your Most Frustrating China-Buying Experience

In our constant quest to improve our service to our customers, we often ask for your comments on your previous experience buying china and the difficulties you may have encountered so that we can learn from others mistakes (WE never make mistakes, of course :)).

Here are some of the highlights:

Jennifer B.

I found the return process quite difficult. I am not a professional packer so I was worried that when I sent back my Ralph Lauren Silk Ribbon Pearl that it wouldn’t get there in peace, or that it would get there in pieces!


That’s why we pay for return shipping including insurance, for your peace (piece :)) of mind!

Michael A.

I once ordered a goblet for my Waterford Araglin set and got a similar but different pattern! I guess with crystal it can be difficult to differentiate, but boy was the ensuing hassle a real pain.


We understand you frustration, crystal clear. That’s why we have a multiple tiered system to ensure that the right pieces and patterns are sent out, especially with regard to crystal.

Monica L.

My biggest frustration is price! I love my Wedgwood India set and would love to complete it in one shot, but the price is too high. So slow and steady is my motto.


Keep on chugging Monica, you’ll get there!

Ralph Lauren Silk Ribbon Pearl

Ralph Lauren Silk Ribbon Pearl

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