And Now For Some Entertainment…..

We usually devote this space to bringing you the news of the tableware industry as well as highlighting our (and your) favorite china and crystal patterns. Today we’ll take a break from extolling the virtues of the Wedgwood India, Wedgwood Royal Lapis and Waterford Leana’s of the world and bring to you some of the lighter stories of the tableware world.

Edible Tableware: Tasty and Environmentaly Sound

umm, well okay. Although it sems to me like nothing more than an excuse to eat more :).

The Vintage Tableware Company celebrated their first year in business in style this month.

Vintage= One year? Time does fly. đŸ˜‰

Cool Pieces for Hot August Dinners

Back to the future. Dinosaur indeed.

Gold tableware exhibited in E China

You can pay you yearly grocery bill with that thing đŸ™‚

Wedgwood Royal Lapis

Wedgwood Royal Lapis

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