Common China "Pattern" Mistakes

We’ve chronicled over the years the necessity of knowing the brand and pattern of the china you own in order to add to, replace, or sell it. If you think your china is Lenox Rutledge while it really is Lenox Courtyard Gold, the headaches you may find yourself getting into can be frustrating to get out of.

(And we haven’t even begun to describe the difficulties that crystal can cause when you think you have Waterford Powerscourt and it turns out to be Lenox Castle Garden or Lenox Ariel.)

Part of what contributes to these mistakes is the tendency of manufacturers to add other words to their backstamps, besides for the brand and pattern names, words that can be confused as part of the name while they are merely the name of the general collection or other corporate information such as the location of the company, shapes, styles etc.

The following are some common words that are often assumed to be part of a brand or pattern name but are not.

Lenox Presidential

Noritake Ireland

Noritake Legendary

Syracuse Federal Shape

Rosenthal Maria

Wedgwood Erturia

Raynaud Ceralene

Limoges (name of region, not brand or pattern)

Lenox Castle Garden Crystal

Lenox Castle Garden Crystal

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