It Happened To Me…..Twice!

For once I ended up on the receiving end. What do I mean? As sellers of fine china and tableware of the replacement variety, we have heard every story in the book as to how their china or crystal broke. Entertaining or heartbreaking, we’ve heard them all.

This weekend the tables were turned and now I have a story to tell. Naturally, it was not my fault (really, it wasn’t), the kids managed to break both a plate and a glass this weekend. Thankfully, we refrain from giving them our best tableware to use so we weren’t saddled with the loss of a piece of Lenox Westchester or Waterford Hanover Gold, but rather a mass-produced piece of porcelain and glass.

Nonetheless we were struck by the relief we felt knowing that it could be replaced, which, while not completely erasing the sense of embarrassment felt by the “dropper” does go a long way toward alleviating it.

Going through what heretofore had been only something we’d heard and spoken about was an eye-opening experience which will help us relate better to those we help every day. For that we are thankful.

Waterford Hanover Gold

Waterford Hanover Gold

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