What's Your Favorite Tableware Motif

I’m going to throw something out there. I believe that tableware, and china in particular, has no peer when it comes to design. And I include all forms of art in this comparison (with the possible exception of paining, although the case could be made that china designs ARE a form of painting, but I digress.) Why? Because there is almost nothing which cannot (or has not) been expressed in china design. Any sort of style, any type of flavor or passion can easily be transferred to the “porcelain canvas”.

Which brings me to my question: what area of life do YOU enjoy seeing on your china? Do you like wildlife? Birds (Herend Rothschild Bird)? Fish?

How about fruit (Lenox Fruits of Life)? Flowers (Lenox Autumn)? Insects? Seashells (Wedgwood Medici) You get the idea.

Let us know and we’ll point you in the direction that your heart desires.

Lenox Fruits of Life

Lenox Fruits of Life

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