What ELSE Does Your Table Need?

We spend most, (correction: all,) of our time on this blog discussing china crystal and flatware. Which makes sense: it is what we love and what we sell. But as the saying goes, enough about me already. Are there any other things that can enhance the decor of your table besides tableware. A table that is set with the finest Wedgwood Persia and Waterford Curraghmore, is it now complete?

We think there is more to it. Of course the tableware is the star of the show, but sometimes it can be the accessories that put just the right finishing touch to a table to take it from good to spectacular. The following are accessories to the table which may be worth looking into.



Napkins (Linen and disposable)

Napkin Rings



Serving Carts

Seating Cards

Flowers (Silk and real)


Cutlery (Steak Knives for example)

Chair Covers

Pots and Pans (all right, these two don’t really belong here :))


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