China Collectors: A Breed Apart

Our regular customers mostly consist of people looking to replace or add to their favorite sets. When they want more, or when others want to buy them a gift, they’ll stick to the pattern they have, know and love. Occasionally some mixing and matching may occur such as combining Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari salad plates and Royal Crown Derby Derby Border dinner plates or Spode Queens Bird and Herend Rothschild Bird. That aside, it’s “stick to the basics”.

Then there are the collectors. these are people who just love china. They use it to adorn walls, as art, and often just to behold and admire. For them being able to pick up even one piece of a pattern they like is worth it. We just recently had a customer buy one or two pieces of about ten different Limoges Jammet Seignolles patterns.

As mentioned, we cater mostly to the former type of customer, but it is truly a pleasant day when we get the ability to serve those who love china as much as we do.

Spode Queens Bird Teapot

Spode Queens Bird Teapot

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