Minton Haddon Hall – When Going Off The Beaten Track Can Be A Winner

Minton is an interesting china company. Now part of the WWRD group, it was once famous for it’s distinctive styles and bright colors. I can usually tell a Minton pattern from a mile away. What I’m referring to are the older patterns, pre-1960. Afterward, Minton appears to have taken a different turn.

Minton Haddon Hall

Minton Haddon Hall

They appear to have graduated to a more luxury-style design and the price point reflect accordingly. Which is why Minton Haddon Hall is so refreshing. The bright, colorful design, filling up any and all available spaces is quite the departure for an Alahambra, for example. Minton no longer makes Haddon hall, but it’s popularity has hardly waned, based on the consistent demand we have for it. And so it looks likely to continue well into the future.


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