As A Matter Of Fact, I Do Own Tableware! Part 2

In my previous post, I detail the reasons my family and I stuck with our weekday china instead of springing for the fine china and crystal we love. I am happy to report that we are now the proud owners of a beautiful set of Limoges Seignolles china.

While we were holding out until we could afford what we wanted, we came across some great deals on some really wonderful patterns, including Royal Crown Derby Imari Border, Minton Haddon Hall and Wedgwood Westbury. But then came a really great opportunity.

We were able to get a fantastic buy on a huge lot of Seignolles Limoges china. Much of it has been on out website since, including the pattern I had my eyes on. One day it occurred to me “hey, don’t WE deserve something nice”? And considering the value we had been able to procure the china for, the price was right. And so after a little deliberation and consultation (guess with whom), We are now the proud owners of a huge set of Limoges Seignolles Tentation Antique. Boy, do we love it.

I have to add that it has been a great business decision as well. Being a china owner as well as a seller gives me a deeper appreciation and a greater ability to relate to our customers. For which I am very grateful. 🙂

Minton Haddon Hall Sugar Bowl

Minton Haddon Hall Sugar Bowl


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